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Wait Until The Fall To Ask More HaNoi

My college friends come from different regions of the country. Once, you asked Hanoi autumn beauty is nothing that so? Now you’re in the right Hanoi before, then there is nothing greater than to let themselves patiently wait until the autumn …

Sunday morning, you and I pass each roamed around the streets on bicycles old Mifa green bananas. Lofty sky, clouds floating into each floor, the first ray of sunshine, a rare way through the clouds, canopy … And I think that’s a bit chilly autumn wind, a little warmth from the sun’s rays gentle sweetness is felt on the road longer streaks rippling water mark remains from the rain last night.


It looks like rain washes have long, washed away the dust of the old days. Everything fresh, slow pace of life, the man got so relaxed, softer, feeling suddenly forgetting hundred termites …

We look to a small noodle shop. Select seats on the sidewalk, I chose beef, you call nine not add onions, do not forget to call your iced, hot tea for me. We were sitting there for hours, crushed three stories to the excuse, but bottom line is … watching the clouds and watch the autumn leaves fall flight.

Fall Hanoi, it is easy to find a peaceful setting, romantic streets in the middle of a noisy, boisterous. A space surrounded by fragile calm se. The slower time, stretching along the trees dreaming on Phan Dinh Phung. A little reflection Lagerstroemia John infected spider silk. Sunny collecting golden road, street corner. Autumn walk quietly like a mist, calm as self-knowledge, self-contemplation about how my life.

Autumn leaves fall take over summer sun up. In my sunshine sweet collection as sipping green nuggets taste. In the breeze I overheard passionate taste the flowers emit pure white milk. Not everyone loves and enjoys the fragrance of milk, may be slightly pungent, warm. But those who have loved trot, then missed much … When in exile, remember the sweet scent of her beloved immensely.
You sure, this beautiful scenery like a painting. But I found it more beautiful than painting. Because only in real life, I seem to feel all collected in all its senses.

I saw the eyes of subtle color variations from blue to green the small, yellow changing to orange and then red and finally of the fall colors.

I smell the fragrance nose throne woody dazed from moisture and leaves my field position last fall to leave.

My tongue taste the sweetness and freshness of the atmosphere collected. My ears do not hear the noise down leaves touching the seat. My skin felt the caress of the wind revenues falling from the sky full of white clouds.

You sure, wish it had a great wind blowing. Yellow leaves on the trees will pour down as a rain barrier …

Hanoi to collect not only beautiful as heaven and earth are quiet, because flowers and trees, but also because of tender memories.

Me season 12th grade school year, the road is still there, still in his class school, a friend there, the girls in white robes, high-heeled sandals, her hair shoulder length black dots … And remember all the lessons tension, playful recess sweat, tears of farewell, the flow has not dried ink pen … for a few years and then, also to a fall in the cloud autumn wind … a friend’s wedding, see each other, hear people say: “If that old …”
Unknown to Hanoi when away from home this season prompted homeland Nguyen Du Street still remember the smell of flowers permeates milk, Lagerstroemia rows are se Street Nhuom iron leaves, drooping willow shore of Lake psychedelic balls, Poinciana vertical rows Ly Thuong Kiet street venting tiny gold leaves nursery spread along the sidewalk …

Well, he still streets, sidewalks and the shops that old toad from year to year, so that all suddenly suddenly “new” every time this fall. That is the charm of Hanoi, but not everyone will feel, especially Hanoi collection that always brings headache, pay back for those who travel.

My college friends come from different regions of the country. Each place brings its own beauty. Once, you asked Hanoi autumn beauty is nothing that so. If you are in a place far away, you can still feel part of the autumn beauty of Hanoi in numerous works of art held exams classic or modern. But right now you’re in Hanoi before, then there is nothing greater than to just have the patience to wait until the autumn. What you feel the new order is the truest definition of autumn in Hanoi, because the fall actually simply being with those who stopped and looked forward to watching, enjoy the beauty of nature However, when the shipping season streets alone …

Fall came and went as a so casually. Autumn quietly and gently go into orbit of the natural time. Fall short yet reminds me so much emotion and desire in life engrossed.

Out Fall City, rode slowly to feel the rustle of leaves, the cold of the wind. To find yourself and harmony in autumn nostalgia and hope. Let us know in four seasons with a season we look back to themselves, find their true human beings to live better and know-confidence and hope to the people around him.

You’re saying, soon again only will all sink

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