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Village Hanoi Flower Festival season

Village Hanoi Flower Festival season

High heat levels in the winter in the North this year to help farmers harvest peach assured Tet, while growers lilies, dahlia, daisy … “distorted face” because the flowers bloom early.


Tay Tuu flower village (Tu Liem, Hanoi) immense lily, dahlia, pink, daisy … awaiting harvest. Mr. Thanh, a florist said, if the weather is still warm early winter, the garden daisy far he only came home around 23 Lunar is blooming all, very hard “brake” to wait to correct the Lunar New Year.


Prolonged heat in winter also led many lilies growing restlessness.He said family cases than 3 pole planting lilies for sale Tet. Gaudy flowers care through 23 steps, but the weather these days makes flowers grow too fast, only about 2 weeks to explode.

High temperature background makes fast growing flowers, people must use wire bundles each flower craft to avoid breakage.”The family has been treated with fertilizers, irrigation not to inhibit the growth of flowering plants. The heat which will cause dared not shed buds concealed. All now depends only on the weather,” said Nguyen Thi Tap .

At Nhat Tan peach garden, the people rejoice when the weather is agreeable florists. High temperatures, not too harsh sun makes digging multiple buds and bud many more petal color.On this occasion the original owners cultivate gardens are dug, dug into the pots and watering plants, seaports awaiting harvest.

The digging was exhibited pots close together along the path into the village of Phu Thuong peach.

People urgently have signs, stretch cord to sell peaches Tet.

Phu Thuong village famous for jade peach varieties, in recent years peach acreage shrinking because of urbanization. Cherry was planted next to the landfill’s high quality urban areas.

He said the center has half an acre family dug soil, warm sunny weather so young buds and buds on the stem is robust, only 20 days that can be sold.

This year the people of Phu Thuong white peach varieties planted. Land here is not sandy so thick and cotton fields to dig.

Every day, early blooming peach branch followed the retailer down the street to serve customers wishing to play before Tet flowers. Village Hanoi Flower Festival season


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