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Thing To Do In DaNang

As one of the twenty cleanest cities in the world and the most livable city in Vietnam, Da Nang is a destination that you simply cannot afford to miss. Da Nang is blessed to be the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam. Attractions such as Hai Van Pass, Marble Mountains, Cham Museum, Lady Buddha, Cao Dai Temple, Da Nang Church and Local Markets are all must-go places in Da Nang city.





The first attraction – Lady Buddha which is known as the Statue of Bodhisattva of Mercy, overlooks Da Nang Bay near Son Tra Peninsula Beach and is believed by locals to protect and give strength to fishermen during storms. It is located in the Ling Ung Pagoda. The statue is bright white and 67 meters tall. When entering the plaza you pass through a three storey gateway and courtyard lined on both sides by 18 statues displaying a traditional spiritual rite which expresses love, hate, anger and joy.

The second once that travelers can find in the top of the most popular attractions of the region, the Marble Mountains. It is a group of five marble and Limestone Mountains, named after the five elements of the ancient oriental philosophy: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. These Mountains have a complicated system of caves and tunnels.

The next attraction is situated at the intersection of Trung Nu Vuong Street and Bach Dang Street in Da Nang, the heart of the ancient Cham Pa Kingdom. Cham Pa Museum was constructed in the ancient Cham Pa architecture style with many blocks of white building decorated with simple and elegant patterns. The Cham Museum in Da Nang City makes it a lot easier for us to learn about this mysterious yet interesting ancient culture without having to visit several locations thorough the regions.


The Cao Dai temple in Da Nang is the second largest temple in the country. It is also the best attraction to visit for the travelers. The most colorful time to visit is when noon prayer is taking place, but do be respectful and wait until prayers have finished. The main altar sits an enormous globe with the Cao Dai ‘divine eye’ symbol on it. As with all Cao Dai temples, prayers are held four times a day, at 5.30am, 11.30am, 5.30pm and 11.30pm.


If you’re looking to visit the church for mass. So the attraction that you should not dismiss is the cathedral. Standing at 70 metres, it’s also known as Con Ga Church (Rooster Church) due to the imposing bell tower that’s topped with a rooster weathercock. The church features a simple interior design of engraved motifs, rhombic-shaped arches, medieval-style stained glass windows of various saints, and statues depicting events from the Holy Bible. It is located along Tran Phu Street, about a 15-minute walk from the iconic Dragon River Bridge.


Remember if you travel to Vietnam in the first time, you should make sure that pay special attention to your behavior and clothes when visiting the sacred and solemn places.

If travelling Da Nang and want to take specialties of this land, you cannot ignore Han market and Con market – the two famous and oldest markets of Da Nang. These are place to purchase a wide variety of specialties such as fish sauce, seafood products, clothes etc. The Han market has become a popular tourist attraction. With the location in the center of Da Nang – 4 facades while 2 adjacent 2 roads Tran Phu Street and Bach Dang streets which are known as Da Nang tourism streets. After visit the Han market, the Con market is the next famous tourist attraction that you should visit in Da Nang. Con market is located right downtown area – intersection of two ancient and bustling roads of Da Nang, they are Ong Ich Khiem and Hung Vuong.


When you buy somethings in the market, be careful. Vietnam uses the dong as its currency. Making jokes about your ‘dong’ is a prerequisite for travel here. However, handing over more of your dong is a serious problem for newbies in Vietnam. Look your bills over twice before handing them off. It’s a small, easy mistake that could cost you a day’s budget. And remember try to get the right price.


And the last attraction we want to introduce you is Hai Van pass known as Cloudy Pass. As trade routes connecting passes between two implications Hue – Da Nang province, Hai Van Pass or Sea Clouds Pass offers an impressive landscape of verdant mountains and clear blue skies, overlooking Da Nang City, Tien Sa Port, Son Tra Peninsula, and South Vietnam Sea, space adventure with great scenery is all that one can describe the destination.

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