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Slow Living Collection Dates

Last October, earned. There are early morning wake up open saw little cold air entering the room, feeling very refreshed. Hanoi weather blessed with four seasons, especially autumn, how very right to Hanoi. The day I was born my grandfather’s name on Thu Ha, because I was born in the middle of autumn in Hanoi. But I’ll tell vague sounding name too, my mother wanted a daughter and rugged personality a bit. The autumn day like this makes me ignore the world, read the news in the media, such as the most recent cases is messy story surrounding his clip a man beat her mercilessly an aviation ground staff at the airport Noi Bai. People who shared the house cursing, were gossiping. I wonder in a beautiful season and poetry like that, so people are not gentle with each other? And so I also wear, take the time to enjoy a short bit of revenue.

Slow Living collection dates 2

If you’ve ever walked along the end of the Hoang Hoa Tham Phan Dinh Phung will connect to smell flowers subtly milk. His throne of flowers incense morning milk will cause vertical nostrils felt the sting, but refreshing, makes anyone who dreams dozed momentarily province must also meet a dose of caffeine as that. I also heard many people complain about the scent concentration anonymously in the evening, the streets full grown flower milk. But Hanoi in the fall is that, thanks to her fragrance which forever not changed. I have also seen the fall in the other country. In America, on the roads, roadside trees change color in a series of blinks. Enough yellow to red colors mixed together make the traveler to stop and feel what color was picturesque. The “change meat” nature of America as to the collection makes me shudder in awe. Secondary colors yellow, orange, red that became a symbol of art in the West and spreading to both Eastern culture. Mentioning that every collection we again expect the gold leaf, photographed the streets strewn with fallen leaves.

Slow Living collection dates

Hanoi, on the other, fall awakened starting olfactory. Besides milk fragrance, flavor of the dew was soon again. Maybe now referred to West Lake, the sad, people will just ironic thing fishy odor mass death recent days. Hanoi people, they just feel sad. As if living with Hanoi, you might’ve caught a few people stripped of furniture, fishing standing on stone or wooden bridge overlooking the lake is north west. Cold white mist covered the lake makes the image becomes silent, slow and poetic as ever. Dead fish, in the corner along the lake, there are people standing there, holding a fishing rod and silently wanders, like a habit very Hanoi. Because people love Hanoi Hanoi in a very different way, they do not run away when Hanoi ugly, do not come back when the capital city hustle and flashy beautiful. And especially in the autumn days, sun and cold wind, they just want to live slower to feel and love Hanoi a fullest.

If 10 years ago, this weather plus buzzer sound on speaker ward, or play music with vocals or Tsinghua Cam Van is poetry too. Now Speaker wards because makes people go out of the discomfort. Musicians are also less subject to compose more songs about Hanoi, perhaps because life goes by fast and changing every day, while the soul of Hanoi is old. Revenues, old soul as clearer that, through the incense in the wind, through the pleasant odor of fresh water in the pot is brewed Robusta remains of the old woman sitting under a tumbledown bureaucratic teahouses, is sometimes known Ad restless night started small alley (this is a friend asked me to imagine that, in these times there was no one more self-Ad, one recording in and turn up to support extreme!), but clear night last I heard, and ran down to buy a whole bag of hot sandwiches carefully wrapped under thick layers of fabric. Also, that I dream or not?

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