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Hanoi View From … Blogs

Hanoi a casual …

Hanoi on about: The first few days home certainly will not be going anywhere, but what style they also have to go tomorrow morning what had pho. You do not like to eat Pho Hang Ngang anyway. 6h15 in the morning and somebody else (…). Well go to bed early to get up tomorrow morning there any pizza restaurant. Remember then, people who like to eat noodles, then 6h15 at Hang Ngang, and who likes coffee in the morning, 7 am – 8 pm at Café Hang Hanh Nhan offline!

Hanoi a romantic …

So it was to collect and then, the heat of summer days is gone, but then saw the small little summer rain. Not far from Hanoi, which has felt the fall of Hanoi remember it, remember it? Me “cold rice plants yellow, red leaf tree eagle, located adjacent to the old town houses several ancient, dark brown roof” …

Hanoi View From … Blogs
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