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Hanoi Blood Charter 60 Day

The first capital city in ruins since 1947 bombs but fearlessly, despite all the sacrifices “determined not to become slaves again.”

“Capital 60 day blood ratio” is talking about the 60 day battle took place in late 1946 early 1947 in Hanoi – the opening event the national resistance war against French colonialism, independent civil protection hair.

The photos are being introduced to the public in the capital on July 17/2 Information Centre Culture Sword Lake, No. 2 Le Thai (Hanoi).

The author photo is Tran Van Nhung (1905-1952), Tran Van Beauty (1930-1988) lived at 71 Hang Than Nguyen Duy Kien and (1911-1979) lived at 65 Thuoc Bac.

Located next to the Court should this road called Rue Palaiss De Justice (1925) and then Rue Paul Simoni, the city changed from October 12/1945 Le Chan. After the battle was used for the specified set of people died in the war in Hanoi. In 1956, the city was renamed 19/12 (Hanoi opening day nationwide resistance), but people used to call “Sheol Market” by its source. This renovated city still called 19/12, is expected to become the city of books.

Hang Dau street deserted after the battle.

Huc bridge damaged.

Traces of the plane bombing in downtown French blacksmith, the time of the battle in Dong Xuan Market.

Fork Bat Su-Bat Dan.

Corner-Hang Dao Hang Gai.

Commercial buildings where tax collection head door Silver Gate (corner Hang Chieu).

Tran Nhat Duat Street, from the junction of Hang Chieu section looking toward the Long Bien Bridge.

The “Ke” (Quai), also known as Jean Dupuis, this is the place where Tran Nhat Duat fierce battles at the end of 1946.

Tich street corner-Hang Gai.

Thiec place subject to the ravages of the French aircraft.

Hang Da Street, which used to be the Allied bombing of the Japanese occupation, continue to be destroyed during the war 60 days and nights.

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Hanoi Blood Charter 60 Day

Hanoi Blood Charter 60 Day

Hanoi Blood Charter 60 Day

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