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A Glimpse of Hanoi

Referring to Hanoi, was referring to the crowded, prosperous. Referring to the streets long, crowded vehicles, the whistle loud, bucket crowd. Or referring to the high-rise buildings, the deep corner smoking. Hanoi’s streets, is prosperous. From how life, Hanoi itself implicitly so.

Hanoi morning

Hanoi morning


Hanoi in my familiar and very gentle. Not only beautiful with ancient 36 streets, not just poetic level clouds silhouetted Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi’s most peaceful morning morning. Every morning, watching the heavens and the earth’s capital, I was moved, sobbing.

Cafe Dinh - A sharp Hanoi

Cafe Dinh – A sharp Hanoi

Affordable Hanoi streets are filled with shops amnesty? The luxury restaurant also offers breakfast, daily life also.

Pavement stones tea - delights of Hanoi

Pavement stones tea – delights of Hanoi

Hanoi has leafy streets of gold, were elderly people go Tai morning. The Red Riding Hood children attend school Fluttering or motorcycle taxi uncle sat drinking tea and chatting stone drunk.

The breakfast bar guests crowded sidewalk

The breakfast bar guests crowded sidewalk


Hanoi is the breakfast gong burden along the streets. Which is flung, is porridge, or the meager alms country songs like bread, potatoes, peanuts, corn … Or decent than 1 bit which is the teahouses sidewalk, head of enough food niche selling light output such as duck eggs, crab vermicelli, bun cha, rolls, bread …

The bustling market day earlier between the heart of the capital

The bustling market day earlier between the heart of the capital

Hanoi in I was a pack-laden cars flowers: daisies, roses, lotus, carnations, colors … every season each.

Hanoi or only the freshest vegetables car, back from the suburbs into, rushing to keep up the fair soon.

Hanoi started a new day with a new life in peace like. Traveling alone between the Capitol in that moment, you would think that I lost to a certain serene countryside.

Standing between earth and sky, breathe new vitality, fresh, quiet. It seems all the worries of life, disappear. Who says this is the land of Kinh Ky, who told this is Hanoi prosperous, bustling.

If you only know the most beautiful Hanoi that night not once see and feel the fresh, freshness of Hanoi at dawn, you have not lived and felt in Hanoi one way full truth.

If you do not believe, try once …!

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