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One of the winning designs (Trang Tien Street).

Vibrant streets of Hanoi to welcome the Lunar New Year

Learning from the local and decorations from the time the previous year, this year, the Department of Culture, Sports Hanoi first launched the campaign propaganda designed to serve the political tasks and decorations capital 2016. photo decorative flower strips along Trang Tien...
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Hanoi street Tet.

Hanoi ancient culture made his heart flutter

Over many years, but Hanoi retains the beautiful culture of their own. Air Tet in Hanoi is also stored and transmitted through generations and still retain the traditional flavor of the old days. In ancient times only mixed jam box, a few pounds of green beans to pack banh chung...
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Village Hanoi Flower Festival season

Village Hanoi Flower Festival season High heat levels in the winter in the North this year to help farmers harvest peach assured Tet, while growers lilies, dahlia, daisy … “distorted face” because the flowers bloom early. Prolonged heat in winter also led many...
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Thing To Do In DaNang

As one of the twenty cleanest cities in the world and the most livable city in Vietnam, Da Nang is a destination that you simply cannot afford to miss. Da Nang is blessed to be the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam. Attractions such as Hai Van Pass, Marble Mountains, Cham...
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Slow Living Collection Dates

Slow Living Collection Dates, Last October, earned. There are early morning wake up open saw little cold air entering the room, feeling very refreshed. Hanoi weather blessed with four seasons, especially autumn, how very right to Hanoi. The day I was born my grandfather’s...
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Hanoi for Newbies

Hanoi for Newbies anoi for Newbies, Since I often see questions on Twitter asking where to go and what to do in Hanoi, I’ve decided to collect all of the most useful resources in one place, so that you newbies know exactly where to look for yourselves. (Updated in November 2016)...
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There is a peace in my Hanoi

There is a peace in my Hanoi, I find a familiar Hanoi’s not going to find ourselves la star. Find themselves squeezed between the life of this to realize that I love Hanoi, the Hanoi inclusion me, but I’m still me and love this land much like love his country is not a...
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Miss Hanoi’s Autumn

iss Hanoi’s Autumn: “Surely you remember Hanoi, Hanoi Me collection. I, Hanoi, and four seasons will miss you, waiting for you to explore the little secret of Hanoi.” You to Hanoi on a spring day. After years of study and work in Saigon, you decide to Hanoi with...
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A Glimpse of Hanoi

Referring to Hanoi, was referring to the crowded, prosperous. Referring to the streets long, crowded vehicles, the whistle loud, bucket crowd. Or referring to the high-rise buildings, the deep corner smoking. Hanoi’s streets, is prosperous. From how life, Hanoi itself...
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